Barbadian contingents in the First World War – part 2

This information is copied with some expansions from a copy of Percy Sinclair Leverick’s Directory, 1921, pp65-83, in the Barbados Museum Library.

This is a continuation from the previous post listing Barbadians living abroad who served in the First World War.

List of other Barbadians who served in the Great War

Name Rank on joining imperial forces and unit joined
Alleyne, Charles Foster Captain, Army Service Corps. Deputy Assistant Quarter Master General
Archer, Francis Croome Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserves, Royal Navy Air Service Anti-Aircraft Section
Armstrong, Edgard Lisle Temporary 2nd Lieutenant, the Gordon Highlanders. Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery. Captain and Adjutant RFA
Armstrong, Ernest Lindsay Private, 14th (service) battalion Kings Royal Rifle Corps. Office Training Corps. Commissioned
Armstrong, Francis Clifford Private, 3rd battalion Queen’s Own Rifles Canadian Expeditionary Force. 2nd British West Indies Regiment
Armstrong, Frank P of W [Prisoner of War?], Civil Service Rifles (London Regiment)
Armstrong, Reginald Basil Air Mechanic, telegraphist. Taken prisoner by Austrians on Italian Front 1918
Armstrong, Philip Captain, Westmont Rifles Canada
Austin, CMG, John Gardiner Lieutenant, Colonel Army Ordnance Depot. Retired Brigadier-General
Archer, Cecil G P of W [Prisoner of War?], Civil Service Rifles. Wounded
Austin, Bruce Gordon Private, British West Indies Regiment
Arthur, H A Inns of Court Officer Training Corps
Atwell, E A
Baber, George Crosbie Private, 14th battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force, 3rd Highland Infantry Brigade. Wounded at St Julien April 1915. Interned at Vevey, Switzerland
Baeza, Joshua Isidore (MB, ChB) Medical Officer, West African Medical Staff, Cameroon Expeditionary Force. Mentioned in Despatches 27 Sept 1916
Bailey, Charles Allan Lance-corporal 6th Fort Garry Horse Canadian Expeditionary Force. Lance-corporal 1st Field Troops Canadian Engineers, Canadian Command Depot, Hastings
Bailey, Hugh Courtenay Private, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Canadian Expeditionary Force, 7th Canadian Machine Gun Company. RAF killed in a crash
Bancroft, Kenneth Graham Private, 16th battalion 72nd Seaforth Highlanders CEF. Wounded. 2nd Lieutenant 4th battalion East Surreys
Barnes, Howell Wood Lieutenant, Royal Army Medical Corps
Barrow, Lucien Leacock Sapper, Royal Engineers
Batson, Richard Erstine Surgeon, ?, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, HMS Bayano ? HMS Lawford
Berkley, Maurice Kenneth F Bombardier, 5th battery, 2nd brigade Canadian Artillery. CEF. Died of wounds [CWGC: 41014, died 01/05/1915, age 21, Nuhead (All Saints) Cemetery, London. Only son of the Hon Mr Justice Berkeley and Mary Bruce Berkeley, of Judges Chambers, Supreme Court, British Guiana]
Bovill, Henry Cecil, CB DSC Lieutenant, Royal Navy, HMS Druid. Retired Vice-Admiral
Boyle, Henry Edmund Gaskin Captain, Royal Army Medical Corps, Territorial Force, 1st London (City of London)
Bradshaw, Theodore Worley Trooper, Oxfordshire Yeomanry. 2nd lieutenant Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders. Military Cross
Briggs, Frederick Clifton Lieutenant Colonel, commanding 8th (service) battalion Norfolk Regiment. Died
Briggs, Herbert Gerald Lieutenant Commander, Royal Navy, HMS Black Prince. Retired Captain, DSO
Brooker, Clement StA Private, Field Engineers, CEF. Wounded
Bowring, William Lieutenant, 7th Scottish Rifles, Lieutenant Army Service Corps (Horse Transports), Captain RAF
Batson, Robert Evelyn Temporary 2nd Lieutenant, 14th reserve battalion Cheshire Regiment, 2nd Lieutenant Lancashire Fusiliers. Killed in France Oct 1916
Bryden, William Francis 2nd Lieutenant, 3rd Border Regiment (8th battalion South Lancashire), promoted Captain. Military Cross
Bradshaw, Julian Private, 167 battalion CEF
Bradshaw, Ernest Private, 206 battalion CEF
Bailey, William Alfred 2nd Lieutenant, Indian Army Reserve of Officers, 1st battalion 7th Gurkha Rifles, India
Bailey, Herbert Packer 2nd Lieutenant, East Surrey Regiment. Kiled in action at Messines 1 Aug 1917. Military Cross
Bailey, J C Machine Gun Corps. Wounded
Barnes, Frank Victor Civil Service Rifles (London Regiment). Wounded, killed in action in France
Berkeley, Alfred F Murray 2nd Lieutenant, Machine Gun Corps. Killed in action in France
Bowen, Edgar W B 2nd Lieutenant, East Surrey Regiment. Taken prisoner by Germans
Branch, Laurie H Civil Service Rifles (London Regiment)
Browne, Edward Kirton Telegraphist, Royal Navy. Drowned, reported in August 1917
Browne, Alfred Louis Civil Service Rifles. Killed in action in France
Burgess, Charles L E Civil Service Rifles
Byrne, Clement Courtenay Civil Service Rifles
Batson, Charles S Gunner, Royal Field Artillery. Promoted 2nd Lieutenant
Bayne, Evan G Artists’ Rifles
Boxill, W M C Artists’ Rifles
Boyce, Herbert Beresford Hunte Private, Queen’s Own Rifles CEF. Killed in action in France July 1917
Boyce, Freeman H Lieutenant. Devons. Reported missing 8 Apr 1918. Subsequently reported Prisoner of War in Germany
Boyce, Arthur Williamson 2nd Lieutenant Gordon Highlanders
Bynce, Harold Stuart
Burdon, Mrs K J Staff Nurse, Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service (wife of Major J A Burdon, late Colonial Secretary Barbados)
Batson, Arthur Campbell
Cameron, Alistair Gordon Sub-lieutenant. Royal Naval Reserve, HM Submarine E16. Drowned 28 Aug 1916
Carter Evan Eyre, CMG Lieutenant General, Army Service Corps. Retired Major General
Carter, Harry Taylor Private, 15th battalion, 48th Highlanders Canadian Expeditionary Force. MIssing
Carter, Herbert Lewis Private, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force
Challenor, Edward Lacey, CB, CMG, CBE, DSO Major, 1st battalion Leicester Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel Commanding 6th (service) battalion Leicester Regiment. Retired Brigadier General
Chandler, John Kellman Private, 14th battalion Royal Montreal Regiment Canadian Expeditionary Force. Died
Chandler, William Kellman Lieutenant, 43rd battalion (79th Cameron Highlanders) Canadian Expeditionary Force. Captain, Major. DSO
Clarke, Frederick Clarence Lieutenant, Canadian Army Medical Corps. Captain. Major. Military Cross
Clarke, James Sealy Major, 3rd battalion (reserve) Duke of Edinburgh’s (Wiltshire Regiment)
Clarke, Valdemar Boucher Private, 18th (service) battalion (2nd London Welsh), the Welsh Fusiliers. Transferred to Royal Engineers. Killed in action in France.
Clarke, Vincent Charles Private, 28th (County of London) battalion the London Regiment. Corporal. Wounded, died of wounds Oct 1916. [CWGC: Captain, 10th battalion Durham Light Infantry, died 12 Oct 1916 aged 22, Habarcq Communal Cemetery, France. Son of Charles Pitcher Clarke and Theresa Clarke (nee Kahl), of Blythswood, Worthing, Barbados]
Collymore, Ernest Allan Temporary 2nd Lieutenant, 8th (service) battalion East Lancashire Regiment. Temporary Lieutenant, Captain
Collymore, Herbert Aubrey Lance-corporal, Inns of Court Officers Training Corps, Territorial Force. Temporary 2nd Lieutenant, 9th (service) battalion Bedfordshire Regiment. Temporary Lieutenant
Conliffe, Archibald Redmond Private, 15th (service) battalion Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment). Killed in action 1917
Connell, Arthur Mayers Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Army Medical Corps, Territorial Force
Cooper, Beauchamp Astley Lieutenant, Royal Navy. Died
Cooper, Clifton Graham Astley Captain and Adjutant, 2nd West Riding Brigade Royal Field Artillery. Major
Clinkett, Joseph E 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Warwick Regiment. Died in action in Africa of fever May 1917
Clinkett, Frederick Senior Lieutenant, Grey-Overseas Highlanders of Canada
Carter, Charles Dead
Carrington, Edward W Dead
Crawford, E A Artists’ Rifles
Challenor, Leicester 47th British Columbia Regiment Canadia, wounded
Crawford, J E A M
Corbin, George Seymour Civil Service Rifles. Wounded. Promoted Corpora Aug 1918
Corbin, Carl QMS, 60th battalion CEF
Corbin, Charles Fitzroy Alleyne
Cheesman, B G Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery
Cave, C Forte Artists’ Rifles Officer Training Corps, transferred RAF, reported missing
Culpepper, B A Artists’ Rifles Officer Training Corps
Cox, A P
d’Albuquerque, Nino Pedrosa Private, Inns of Court OTC. Private, 2nd County of London Yeomanry (Westminster Dragoons). Temporary 2nd Lieutenant 8th (service) battalion, the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry
Deane, Edgar Gustav Wooding Private, 4th battalion Queen’s Edinburgh Rifles (territorials) the Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment). Temporary 2nd Lieutenant Royal Scots, temporary 2nd Lieutenant 11th battalion North Staffordshire Regiment
Deane, Frederick Gustav Wooding Lieutenant Royal Army Medical Corps, captain, colonel
Deane, Edward DeLisle
Davis, L C Private, 8th Dorset Regiment
Edwards, Clarence Milton Gunner, 152nd battery, Royal Garrison Artillery
Edwards, John Victor Gunner, D battery Heavy Artillery Company, territorial force
Emtage, Gerald Nurse Signaller, 25th battery, 8th brigade CEF. Discharged from Army 1918 suffering from ?? and shell shock
Evelyn, S A N Dead
Edghill, Ashley Gay 2nd Lieutenant, Lancashire Fusiliers ?? Transferred to 96 Trench Mortar Battery. Killed in Flanders on 16 Apr 1918. Military Cross [CWGC: died 15 Apr 1918 aged 23, Lancashire Fusiliers, 15th battalion attached to 96th Trench Mortar Battery, buried Doullens Communal Cemetery, France, son of Gay Conliffe Edghill and Constance Ethel Edghill, of “Rostrevor,” St. Lawrance, Barbados. Born in Barbados]
Edghill, H S King’s Royal Rifles
Evelyn, A ? East Kents. Transferred to British West Indies Regiment Aug 1918
Field, Arthur Frederick Sergeant, 2nd battalion CEF. Wounded and prisoner
Foster, Coleridge London Rifle Brigade. Driver Royal Field Artillery
Foster, Sydney Imbert Artists’ Rifles OTC. Lieutenant RAF
Farmer, C A Artists’ Rifles, 2nd Lieutenant King’s Own Lancashire Regimen
Gardner, Alan Spencer Temporary 2nd Lieutenant, 15th (service) battalion, the Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment). Lieutenant, Captain. Wounded August ? Military Cross
Gay, Louis Herschell Disraeli Stoker, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Gittens, Oscar Fitzmyrton Lieutenant, Indian Medical Service
Gooding, Winfield Ulrick Private, 28th (reserve) battalion, the Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
Grant, Edmund Percy F G Captain, Royal Navy, HMS Marlborough
Grant, Alfred Ernest Albert Captain, Royal Navy, Pembroke Dockyard. ADC to the King, Rear-Admiral
Grayfoot, Bleuman Buhot Colonel, Indian Medical Corps. Dead [CWGC: died 30 Sept 1916, aged 56, buried Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt. Son of the Rev. C. Grayfoot and Anna, his wife; husband of Matilda Jane Grayfoot, of 96 Heene Rd, Worthing.]
Gardner, John Spencer Canadian Horse Artillery. Killed in action in France 6 Nov 1916
Greaves, William MItchell Officer Training Corps Cambridge
Goodridge, Beresford Hugh Stoker, Royal Navy. Drowned in engagement off Coronel HMS Monmouth. [CWGC: K7094 died 1 Nov 1914 aged 24, commemorated Plymouth Naval Memorial, son of Mr and Mrs Goodridge, of Barbados.]
Gill, Arnold H Gordon Highlanders
Gill, W H T Royal Field Artillery, in Salonica
Gloumeau, G J A Army Service Corps (Motor Transport) transferred Royal Engineers
Greaves, Herbert F Kenneth Cadet, Royal Air Force, 2nd Lieutenant. Injured in a crash and repatriated 1918
Greenidge, Campbell Philip Rowe Private, Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Corporal. Injured by shell explosion Apr 1917. Repatriated 1918
Greenidge, Oliver John Francis Campbell Lieutenant, Royal Army Medical Corps
Greenidge, Samuel Clyde Clarke 2nd Lieutenant, 2/17 battalion Rifle Brigade (County of London)
Greaves, Aubrey V Lieutenant, Canadian Army Medical Corps
Gale, Clarence Linden 3rd battalion (reserve) Prince of Wales Own (West Yorkshire Regiment)
Grell, Harold Owen Canadian Expeditionary Force
Gowdrey, William Cecil Lieutenant, Royal Army Medical Corps
Gall, Kenneth S E Private, HAC (infantry section)
Glanville, H F Lieutenant, West India Regiment, transferred RAF. Wounded
Hanschell, Hother McCormick Surgeon, Royal Navy
Hinkson, Arthur Garth Corporal, 14th (service) battalion Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment), sergeant, 13th (service) battalion
Hodge, Henry Alrick Segrave Private, Royal Fusiliers. Killed in action
Hollinsed, Richard Eyre Leslie Corporal, 4th battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force. Wounded, killed in action  near Ypres, 1915
Huskinsson, John Stapleton Sisnett Private, 1st City of London Regiment, reported as missing 16 July 1916
Hoad, Ernie Canadian Expeditionary Force. Killed in action in France Apr 1918
Heath, Lionel McIvor Gunner, 14th battalion 4th Brigade Canadian Field Artillery
Hinds, Carlton Lester 13th battalion Royal Worcester Regiment
Henry, Donovan Private, 4th East Yorkshire. Died in Lunatic Asylum near London
Hadley, J A (CC) Officers Cadet Corps, 2nd Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
Hutchison, W L (CC)
Honeychurch, P G (CC) Civil Service Rifles
Hadley, Harry Dead
Honychurch, C R (CC) Prince of Wales Civil Service Rifles
Honeychurch, Geo Ivan (CC) Royal Navy
Hutchison, Leo R (CC) Prince of Wales Civil Service Rifles (London Regiment). Wounded and sent to hospital at Boulogne, Military Medal
Ince, Arthur Courtenay Private, 28th (reserve) battalion Royal Fusiliers
Ince, Arthur Douglas Private, battalion (Royal Montreal Rifles) Canadian Expeditionary Force
Inniss, Benjamin James Colonel, Royal Army Medical Corps
Inniss, Raeburn Cuthbert Private, no 6 Field Ambulance Canadian Expeditionary Force
Inniss, William Leonard Private, 4th Gordon Highlanders
Kaye, Arthur Barker Reginald Major, 7th (service) battalion the South Wales Borderers
Kaye, John Frederick B
Kay, William Arthur George Cussack
Kellman, Edward Douglas Private, 3rd battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force
Knight, Allan Bruce Temporary 2nd Lieutenant, 10th battalion the King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
Knight, Devis Athelston Assistant Surgeon, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, HMS Patria
Kysh, Claude James Anthony 2nd Lieutenant, special reserve 1st and 2nd battalion, the Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
Lashley, Richard Robert Lieutenant, Canadian Engineers
Laurie, William Private, Canadian Engineers, Canadian Expeditionary Force, Lance-corporal 13th battalion (Royal Montreal Highlanders) Canadian Expeditionary Force
Layne, Geoffrey Francis Private, 6th Brigade Field Artillery, Canadian Expeditionary Force
Layne, John Graham 2nd Wireless Operator, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, HM Destroyer Laverock
Lewis, Joseph Herbert Private, 3rd battalion (reserve) the King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
Lynch, Arthur Challenor 2nd Lieutenant, 3rd battalion (reserve) the Durham Light Infantry
Lynch, James Alsop 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery
Leslie, Harold Hutson Artists’ Rifles
Leach, Cecil Carlton Prince of Wales Civil Service Rifles
Lewis, Arnold Dundonald Private, Lancashire Fusiliers, Lance-sergeant 5th battalion North Staffordshire Regiment
Legall, John Sinclair 165th Infantry US Army
Legall, Leonard 165th Infantry US Army
Legall, G Hudson Lieutenant, RAF
Leslie, Leonard Archibald Gunner, Canadian Garrison Artillery
Leach, Cecil Carlton Prince of Wales Civil Service Rifles
Lewis, Arnold Dundonald Private, Lancashire Fusiliers, Lance-sergeant 5th battalion North Staffordshires
Legall, John Sinclair 165th Infantry US Army
Legall, Leonard 165th Infantry US Army
Legall, G Hudson Lieutenant, Royal Air Force
Leslie, Leonard Archibald Gunner, Canadian Garrison Artillery
McCouney, Harold Mayers Private, 6th battalion (reserve) Royal Fusiliers City of London Regiment
McCormick, James Hugh Private, 38th battalion (Royal Ottawa Regiment), Canadian Expeditionary Force
Mahon, Theodore Campbell Greaves Private, 16th battalion, 72nd Seaforth Highlanders, Canadian Expeditionary Force
Manning, Hugh Christie Private, 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles, Canadian Expeditionary Force, Lance-corporal Canadian Mounted Rifles, Distinguished Conduct Medal
Mason, Bertram Lieutenant, Nyasaland Volunteer Reservists
Murray, Charles Graham Major, Royal Army Medical Corps, Territorial Force
Manning, John 11th Cheshire Regiment
McLeod, F L Trooper Life Guards
Medford, W H L Royal Artillery Cadet Schools, promoted 21st
McConney, Garnet Edward Sergeant, 255 battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force
McConney, Captain Charles Lawrence In charge of a mine sweeper on Irrawady River
Murphey, C E Artists Rifles Officer Training Corps
Newsam, Arthur Roland Private, 6th Field Ambulance Corps, Canadian Expeditionary Force, promoted sergeant
Nourse, Leonard P 2nd lieutenant, Royal Marine Light Infantry
Nurse, John Allan Prince of Wales Civil Service Rifles (London Regiment)
Nichols, C K Artists Rifles
Newsam, Frank A Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles, Military Cross
Peskett, Robert Sergeant, Royal Garrison Artillery
Peterkin, Charles Gordon Gunner, 18th battalion, 5th Brigade Canadian Artillery, Canadian Expeditionary Force
Peterkin, Ernest Cuthbert Private, The Duke of Cambridge’s Own (Middlesex Regiment, Mention in Despatches, April 1916
Phillips, Conrad Maxwell Private, The Royal Fusiliers, City of London Regiment
Phillips, Joseph Evelyn Surgeon Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserves, HMS Patia
Plummer, Robert Frank Erwell Lance-corporal, 1st battalion Lancashire Fusiliers
Price, John Philip Private, 1st battalion, the Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Phillips, Cyril Hamilton Lieutenant, Royal Army Medical Corps
Phillips, Harold S Gunner, Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
Pilgrim, Kenneth Frank Prince of Wales Civil Service Rifles, promoted Lance-corporal, sergeant, Military Cross
Proverbs, C Ivan
Proverbs, Laurie Owen Private, Canadian Army, dead [CWGC: 901599, 85th battalion Canadian Infantry, died 14/01/1918, commemorated Sucrerie Cemetery, Ablain St Nazaire, son of Clement and Josephine Eloise Proverbs, of Black Rock, St Michael, Barbados]
Proverbs, W A 71st battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force
Reed, Frederick Laurance Gunner, 2nd London Royal Garrison Artillery
Redman, Rupert Cheeseman Private, 3rd General Hospital (McGill University), Canadian Expeditionary Force
Reece, Humphrey Stanley Temporary 2nd Lieutenant, 11th (service) battalion, Gordon Highlanders, dead
Reverand, Julian Evan Private, Dorsetshire Regiment, dead
Rock, Frank Robert Private, Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force, dead
Roett, Michael Orme Private, Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force, dead
Reid, F Evelyn Gordon Highlanders
Ross, Lionel H Prince of Wales Civil Service Rifles (Machine Gun Corps), transferred Royal Engineers Wireless Corps
Ramsay, H O Artists’ Rifles Officer Training Corps
Redman, Everet D Artists’ Rifles Officer Training Corps
St Hill, Arthur Guy Private, 1st City of London battalion, the London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers), territorial force
Seale, George Henry Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery
Skeete, Harold Edward Staff sergeant, 6th Field Ambulance Corps, 2nd Canadian Expeditionary Force
Springer, Elverton Richard Private, 18th (service) battalion, 2nd London Welsh, the Welsh Fusiliers. Drafted into the 13th battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers D company, 16th platoon, dead
Seale, Clement Gordon Private, 15th battalion London Regiment, Prince of Wales Civil Service Rifles
Skeete, Geoffrey W Army Service Corps, Mechanical Transport
Seale, B T Civil Service Rifles
Shepherd, Allan Haynes Lieutenant, British West Indies Regiment (St Kitts Contingent)
Shepherd, Ada Louise Bascom Sister, Harvard’s Unit British Red Cross Society
Shepherd, Agnes Bascom Sister, Harvard’s Unit British Red Cross Society
Shepherd, Ella Elizabeth Bascom Sister, Harvard’s Unit British Red Cross Society
Swaby, Dorothy Marion Nurse, Red Cross, Kent Volunteer Aid Detachment
Swain, Gerald A 2nd lieutenant, 7th battalion Royal Fusiliers
Swain, Bertie O Corporal, 8th Scottish Rifles
Taylor, John
Taylor, Robert Private, 16th battalion battalion, 72 Seaforth Highlanders, Canadian Expeditionary Force
Taylor, Peterkin Army Advanced Corps
Thomas, B P Gunner, Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
Tyrrill, Fred H Prince of Wales Civil Service Rifles, transferred to 19th London Regiment
Thomas, Leslie Private, 3rd East Lancashire Regiment
Tudor, A Artists’ Rifles Officer Training Corps
Webster, Clarence Fitz Alleyne Private, 3rd battalion, Queen’s Own Rifles, Canadian Expeditionary Force
Worrell, Wilbert Reynold Private, 1st battalion, the Gordon Highlanders, dead
Walton, Barclay E Dead [CWGC: Private, 422550, Canadian Infantry 29th battalion died 21/08/1917, commemorated Vimy Memorial, son of Mrs Mary Walton, of Content, St Joseph, Barbados; husband of Martha McKee (formerly Walton), of 672, Beverley St, Winnipeg, Manitoba]
Ward, W D
Wood, Clement Austin Civil Service Rifles, prisoner of war
Williams, P C London Scottish
Williams, H H 3rd Civil Service Rifles, prisoner of war
Walcott, Robert Henry Hinds Able seaman, Royal Navy, dead [TNA: SS6939

Born, Bridgetown, Barbados, 07 July 1897, ref: ADM 188/1100/6939. CWGC: HM Submarine D3, died 15/03/1918, commemorated Chatham Naval Memorial, son of Jacob Hinds Walcott and Madaline Gertrude Walcott, of “Hindsbury,” Bay St, Bridgetown, Barbados]

Walcott, Frances Sharpe Lieutenant, Royal Army Medical Corps, dead
Walcott, L Hinds Prince of Wales Civil Service Rifles
Watson, A F Heavy Artillery Royal Garrison Artillery
Yearwood, Carlton Douglas Lessingham Private, 6th Field Ambulance Corps, Canadian Expeditionary Force, dead [CWGC: Carleton Douglas Yearwood, Second Lieutenant, 7th battalion King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, died 16/08/1917, commemorated Oossaverne Wood Cemetery, son of Gordon Howard Seale Yearwood and Margaret Elizabeth Yearwood, of “Sherbourne”, Two Mile Hill, St Michaels, Barbados]
Yearwood, John Ormond Private, 7th (service) battalion (Pioneers) the York and Lancaster Regiment
Yearwood, Henry Howard Seale Private, 2nd Canadian Contingent
Yearwood, William Armel Lieutenant, Machine Gun Corps

Our War Contributions

The compiler regrets his inability, owing to the want of the necessary data, to place on record in this issue a details statement of the part taken by loyal Barbadians in keeping the old flag flying during the 41/2 strenuous years of war from which the Empire has but recently emerged. Such a statement, however, is now in course of official preparation, and will be published in a future issue of this directory. The list which appears below has been collected from the various acknowledgements appearing in the local press from time to time, and speaks volumes for the appreciation of duty on the part of our people in the Empire’s hour of need.

$ c
Belgium Relief Fund 15,549 32
Prince of Wales Fund 20,806 04
Queen Mary’s Fund 9,440 60
British Red Cross and Order of St John of Jerusalem Fund 8,547 53
British, French, and Belgium Red Cross Fund 13,965 79
Mrs Swaby’s Red Cross Fund 3,729 89
Mr Drayton’s (Colonial Bank) French Red Cross Fund 1,013 00
King George V Sailors’ Fund 26,916 14
Star and Garter Fund 10,804 91
Lady Prebyn’s West Indian Contingent Flag Day Fund 2,511 71
Barbados Motor Ambulance Fund 39,334 41
West Indian Contingent Fund 3,511 02
Citizens’ Contingent Fund 14,614 28

Besides the amounts disclosed in the foregoing list, there have been contributions to several other war funds and war charities by patriotic citizens, and working parties of ladies have been organised in various centres for the purpose of providing Red Cross supplies and other necessary articles for men at the front. The sum of £60,000 was voted by the Legislature in three instalments of £20,000 each to the Imperial Exchequer towards the cost of carrying on the war, and £100 was voted to the Lord Kitchener Memorial Fund. Special mention should also be made of the splendid contribution of Mr Alexander Ashby, one of our respected citizens – now numbered with the immortal dead – who added to the island’s proud record by presenting to the Imperial Government his entire estate worth well over £50,000. The gift has been declared to be the most munificent benefaction recorded in the history of the island.

Local distinctions for war services

The following distinctions were conferred by His Majesty the King in recognition of services rendered locally during the war:

Lady Probyn, OBE
Mr S T Harrisson, OBE
Hon J C Lynch, OBE
Mr W L C Phillips, OBE
Mr F A C Collymore, MBE
Dr J Hutson, MBE
Mr E A Hinkson, MBE
Mr H L Johnson, MBE
Mr R J Clinckett, MBE
Mrs B Bancroft, MBE
Mrs E Bowen, MBE
Mrs E Phillips, MBE

7 responses to “Barbadian contingents in the First World War – part 2

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  3. Thanks for putting this together. I was pleased to find my grandfather’s name in the 2nd Contingent – Gladstone Bowen

  4. Included on your list should be Lester Edgar Ince. Born in Saint Peter’s parish in 1881, he joined the Royal Navy as a young man. After immigrating to Halifax, Nova Scotia, he served in the 53rd regiment militia of Montreal before successfully enlisting in the CEF 60th Battalion. Even though he was a black man, he refused to serve in a colored regiment. He returned, injured, to Canada less than a month before the Halifax Explosion. He’s buried in a veteran’s plot in Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal.

    Although he spent most of his adult life away from the island, his zeal to serve king and country was deeply connected to his identity as a Barbadian.

  5. Alexandre Barbera

    My grandfather Clarence Milton Edwards and uncle (by marriage) George Henry Seale were added to this list. Is there any internet address regarding the source?

  6. Here is George Henry Seale on the IWM digital memorial. His brother died too.

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