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I have a small number of talks that I can use if people ask:

  • Introduction to Caribbean genealogy (an overview of sources and techniques for researching people from the Caribbean),
  • Caribbean contribution to First World War (history and sources for researching people from the Caribbean who served during the First World War),
  • Caribbean migration to the UK (using archival sources illustrating the history of migration of people from the Caribbean to the UK), and
  • My Caribbean journey (a reflection on my motivation and experience researching my Barbadian ancestry).
  • Caribbean – Berkshire Connections (an overview of sources illustrating the history of people living in Berkshire who had links with the Caribbean); I haven’t given this talk yet
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Barbados slave registers


The records of the slave registries are among the most important and comprehensive for slave research in the British West Indies for the period 1812 to 1834. The slave registers provide a census of all slaves and slave holders until the abolition of slavery on 1 August 1834.

Between 1812 and 1834 the British government and Anglo-Caribbean colonial governments registered the enslaved population to help manage the illegal movement of slaves following the abolition of the slave trade. See my article on slave registers for more information.

Original returns may survive in the local Caribbean archive, though  none have been found for Barbados. From 1819 copies (including the Barbados returns) were sent to the London Registry and these are held by The National Archives under the reference T 71

The registers were later used as evidence of slave ownership for the compensation awards following the abolition of slavery in 1834. A brief description of the awards and a database of the Barbados awards is on the Caribbean Family History website. A more extensive database for the all countries with biographical and other information on slave holders is at Legacies of British Slave-ownership.

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